Using Laptop/PC as a HDMI source
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You can use a Laptop or PC as a HDMI source for our units no problem at all.


It requires you to set the output HDMI reosultion to a TV standard such as 1920*1080 59HZ(1080P) or 1280*720P 59hz(720P)


This can be done simply by putting your Laptop in Extended display mode and setting the resoultion of the extended display(HDMI out) to the correct resoultion 1920*1080 59HZ(1080P) or 1280*720P 59hz(720P)



1. Plug your HDMI cable into your laptop

2. Right click on the Laptops display and click on display settings

3. Under the display settings change your Multiple displays setting to Extended mode



 4.  Once you change your display to Extended mode, at the top of the settings select the second display as show here


Once the second screen is select, change the resoultion of the second screen to 1920 * 1080 59hz or 1280*720 59hz



Your laptop will now display itself on your unit. Because the display is extended you will need to drag your windows over to the second display inorder for your content to display on your Device.




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