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VeCoax Ultra RF Modulator


1) Do not connect any HDMI Source at first

2) Connect a first Television Set with a short piece of coaxial cable

3) Turn on your modulator

4) Make sure your TV ANTENNA MODE is set to CABLE MODE
    ( if you plan to use a different tv standard you must first change it on the modulator and your tv as need )


ONLY WHEN THE ABOVE IS PASSED, then inject the modulator to your coax cable distribution system 

AND USE THIS TV AS A TESTER to verify you receive the modulator channels anywhere in your cable system

If you do not receive your channels on the same TEST TV at one end point, this means you must troubleshoot your coax cables

Typical troubleshooting:

a) too much signal loss - signal is not reaching the specific end point - need to add a coaxial amplifier in your distribution system to re-gain enough signal
    You can use any 10 / 15 / 20 decibels gain generic digital antenna amplifier

b) another existing tv channel is jamming our channel/s > disconnect any other channel feed at first time and check if our channels displays properly
    you can decide to " move " our frequencies to avoid the jamming - see how from the instruction manual
    For the VeCOAX ULTRA > recall a higher preset so all the frequencies will change at once

c) Overdrive of an existing coaxial distribution amplifier > you will need to either put a coaxial attenuator prior injecting our coaxial signal to your distribution
    Or you can access our control menu and attenuate the output level as needed 
    So there will be no more saturation / rf signal distorsion at your RF Coax amplifier input which is disrupting completely the digital modulation data

d) If you are using QAM MODE ( your TV ANTENNA is set to USA CABLE MODE ) select QAM64 in case your cables are very long and you have many splitters that might lose too much signal.
    QAM64 or QAM256 does not change the audio/video quality, and QAM64 is always better on longer cables, interferences, older coaxial systems and distribution boxes.
    Use QAM256 only if your TV cannot receive QAM64 cable mode.

DIRECT TV and other sources:

It is important to set your DIRECT TV / DISH / COMCAST / SKY  as well any other video device to a FIXED RESOLUTION ( 1080i / 720p .. )
So when you change the channel or change menu, the source will not change the output resolution " forcing " the modulator to auto-readapt for some milliseconds
Please refer to the DIRECT TV pdf setting on this web site to set your DTV boxes

Please follow the video manual and the PDF Manual here below for more detailed information and customization as you need.





VeCoax Ultra RF Modulator Ultra-1 Ultra-2 Ultra-4 Ultra-6 Ultra-8 HDMI vecoax ultra vecoaxultra manual

 Vecoax Ultra RF Manual.pdf (1.94 MB)