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My Video signal is distorted on one of my TV's
Posted by PVI Support, Last modified by PVI Support on 11 June 2018 09:51 AM


Take your unit and directly connect with a short piece of coax cable to one single tv and test. If the issue goes away then there is an issue with your coax network

When the video like that is scrambled is an interference issue usually caused by the following:

1.To high an RF level - Lower the RF signal level on the unit

2.Too low of RF level if the TV is the furthest in the chain - Amplify the signal so it can reach the furthest tv in the chain

3.Unit is modulating on same Frequency as something else in the coax network - use a different frequency so they are not interfering with each other.


4.Try reconnecting yor HDMI source and ensure the resoultion is set right 1080P/i or 720P 




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