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Smart IPTV App wont play my Stream
Posted by PVI Support, Last modified by PVI Support 202 PVI Support 202 on 19 June 2019 02:21 PM

Please refer to SmartIPTV app for guides on setting up streams.

As this is a third party app we only can provide limited support.

Here are some suggestions you can try

1.Check to see if your can view the stream Via VLC player

If VLC plays the stream then there is a network issue on the TV's side
such as a Static IP might need to be set in the same range as the
encoder Example - TV IP - Encoders IP

2. If VLC does not play the stream then check your connections and
ensure you can access the Encoders webpage. You can also check out our
gudies on VLC HERE

3. Try this simple example playlist file attached. This playlist file
uses the default factory IP from the encoder. Ensure you delete the
old playlist file from your TV using the SMART IPTV website.

 example.m3u (0.11 KB)