Warranty Policy and Procedure
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Warranty Policy and Procedure



Because of the nature of electronics defects or damage can happen. We have very strict QC control to ensure that we can minimize the amount of defects or prolonged failures.  Each unit has a 5 year limited warranty that starts from the time you receive your unit from your original order.


If you require warranty service, please click "Submit a Ticket" at the top of this page.  Please include the following information:


1.       Original order number.  ("AB-xxxx" if purchased originally from PVI.)

2.       Model name or product code of the unit you're having the issue with.

3.       Explanation of the issue.

4.       Do you have any previous tickets?


The warranty covers the following:


1.       Main Encoder/Modulator chipset

2.       LCD panels or displays

3.       Any input devices such as keyboards or front panel interfaces

4.       Manufacture defects such as defective chipsets or solder joint failures

5.       Internal power supplies

6.       DOA units that are within the DOA window replacement (21 days from original purchase from PVI).



The Warranty does not cover the following


1.       External damages which include the following:

a.       Lighting storm

b.       Incorrect usage

c.       User negligent

d.       Broken or sheared connectors from forceful use

e.       Water damage

f.        Power surges

g.       External power supply failure or shortage which can send a surge to the unit

h.       Incorrect handling or installation which can damage the unit 


2.       Any connector or input port damage:

a.       HDMI

b.       SDI

c.       ASI

d.       Ethernet ports

e.       USB

f.        Coax F type connector

g.       BNC connectors

h.       CVBS, Component, Composite

i.         Power connectors




3.       Shipping cost

a.       We do not cover any shipping cost of the units being ship to and from our repair center. All repair cost must be covered by the sender. The shipment must be delivered to our location at no cost to ProVideoInstruments.

b.       All units shipped to our repair center must include a prepaid return label, so we can ship the unit back.

c.       If no prepaid return label is included delays can occur and slow the repair process down.

d.       Shipping cost if requested to be billed for are none refundable.

e.       We only accept UPS, FEDEX, DHL

f.        We do not and cannot accept USPS










8/14/18 - Updated for shipping cost for warranty work  

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